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Trial version correlates the same for single version as well as corporate version.
Trial version works anonymously, after the first instalation i get an e-mail that "anonymous" installed it with the serial number that it automatically generates first time.
By this e-mail i can understand that my prog is on trial and i should be there for any problem/support you might need.

Having said so, no data from your computer is sent to my server (not ip address number, not any computer configuration) so feel free to download and install the program (it weights less then 3 megabytes).
However, each time it executes it checks how many trial days left for you through the internet and shows it on top of the main prog panel.
Nevertheless, if you want to test it beyond that 1 week, please contact me to extend your trial period your exact reason also attach your "data\trial.txt" file nesting inside the installation folder.

If you do not have constant internet connection please contact me and I will grant you a bulk of 50-100 times program executions.
afterwards, no internet connection will be needed.

You will clearly see the number of loading you have left on the top of the programs interface.
it will ask back for internet connection only when this trial number reaches zero.

The program will never send data such as the amount of recording you made nor your recording themselves.

1)download and install prerequisite .NET Framework 4.6RC
2) download and install the program:

Download free trial: version: 8/12/2017

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